The college has a modern library with facilities as per the norms of regulatory bodies. It is located on the first floor of college which is open from 8 am to 6 pm on college working days. The library staffs are available at the working hours  to assist the students to make the best use of the library resources. There are extensive areas for reading and studying in the library and offers borrowing and reservation facilities for staff and students of the college. The computer lab, which is a part of library, offers students the facility to use computers with internet access and adequate software installed. Reprographic facilities are available near the library premises.

 Presently library has a collection of more than 8000 books. The library has a rich collection of latest books as per the syllabus catering the needs of the students and teaching staff. The library has procured the e-journal called J-Gate having around 450 journals to assist the students in research activities which can be accessed within the college campus. Also hard copy of national and international journals (back volumes of many years) are also available for reference. Soft copies of educational materials and multimedia CDs are available for reference. For improving the knowledge and reading habit the library has a rich collection of general books including encyclopedia, dictionary, stories, novels, etc. Newspapers and periodicals also add strength to the collection. To get an awareness for new students on the project work library has collected thesis done by former students. Also software like Sigmaplot (statistical software) and MicroMedex (drug information software) are very useful for students.

Class room

The college has two classrooms with audio visual facility and has 100 seating capacity, seven classrooms with audio visual facility and has 60 seating capacity. 

Laboratory details

The institute has excellent Pharmacy setup that allows the students to get a better grasp of the subjects. Prime focus is always laid on research as this sole factor shall contribute greatly towards a successful career ahead. This is achieved by numerous state-of-the-art labs supported by well-trained lab technicians where students get to perform Practical’s under guidance of experienced faculty.

The College has highly sophisticated 18 laboratories with seven labs for pharmaceutics, two for pharmacology, seven for pharmaceutical chemistry & analysis, two for pharmacognosy. The area of the laboratories complies with AICTE standards 75sqM and the equipment’s are maintained as per PCI guidelines. Fully dedicated research laboratories are developed in the Institute for students, which satisfy the UG & PG practical and research work. Each lab is associated with preparation room, weighing room for chemistry and analysis, self-learning charts, properly displayed emergency safety precautions. Every six months an audit of chemicals and maintenance of instruments is conducted by the IQAC committee.

Safety measures: The labs are well furnished and all safety measures have been put in place to assist in case of emergencies.  Each laboratory is provided with all safety measures including fire extinguishers, first aid box, emergency eye was, fuming cupboards etc. The students are strictly instructed to wear personal protective equipments like aprons, goggles, masks, gloves wherever necessary. Hazardous chemicals and acids are stored separately to prevent free access to students.

Apart from the working laboratories the college also has one pilot plant facility, well equipped analytical instrument room, IT labs etc which helps the students to practically learn the theoretical concepts and also the skill of working with sophisticated instruments.  The Central Instrument room where common instruments as well as instruments requiring air conditioning are kept. Instrument room is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV, IR and other Spectrophotometric and analytical instruments. Each instrument is operated through a SOP and a log book for efficient functioning. To provide the instrument a non-fluctuating power supply college has installed huge stabilizers and sturdy power connections.

The college has highly qualified infrastructure devoted computer lab facility and well-equipped computer laboratory with highly configured 30 computer systems. All are connected in centralised LAN and power backup. The computer lab is provided to the students for project work, power point presentations and also used as language and therapeutic lab. We are focusing on the Wi-Fi system for the campus. The pilot plant facility is equipped with sophisticated machinery to carry out various conventional as well as novel drug delivery systems. The facility is accessible for all the UG& PG students and faculties are also used to carryout various consultancy works.

Computer centre facilities

The College makes a variety of computing facilities available to its members. There are two computer rooms containing Computers, scanners and printers. There are also a large number of public access points in various parts of the College which allow members to access the web at points convenient to themselves


Spirituality is linked to many important aspects of human functioning and the college gives great
momentousness to the spiritual growth of individuals. The college chapel provides a serene and
ceremonious ambience and is open for all students irrespective of their religion in college timings.
Holy mass is conducted on every first Fridays and on special occasions. Each day begins with
adoration in the chapel from 9.00 -9.20am. Prayer meetings of spiritual sodalities like Jesus Youth
are also conducted here.

Seminar hall

The College Seminar Hall has been the venue for numerous seminars and activities in the past years. With a capacity for nearly two hundred people, centrally air-conditioned and modern facilities like projectors etc., the seminar hall is ideal for academic, religious, social, and general discussions. 


There is a college canteen which serves light refreshments  to students and staff. During special occasions, the canteen will arrange special menu as per request. The guests coming to the college are treated with special food prepared at our canteen.

Outdoor sports facilities

Great facilities are essential in developing elite athletes and these buildings provide every modern equipment  

Herbal Garden

‘’The glory of gardening: hands in dirt, head in sun ,heart with nature, to nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul’’-Alfred Austin

Medicinal plants have a great role in human life. India especially Kerala is rich in the diversity of medicinal plants. Many medicinal plants  are used in different systems  of medicine like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unnani and Homeopathy . NCP has established medicinal garden in an area of about 132 m2 to popularize the commonly available and frequently used traditional medicinal plant among the students. It also acts as a conservatory for rare, endangered and threatened species of medicinal plants. More than 100 medicinal plants are nursed in our garden. Also in association with Nagarjuna we established another herbal garden with exclusively more than 30 ayurvedic  plants.   


The college auditorium is a pride sumptuous structure of NCP. It is equipped with the most modern
audo visual facilities. It is spacious, well ventilated and well furnished. It has a seating capacity of
approximately 400. The auditorium supports facilities for conferences, workshops, seminars,
celebrations, competitions, performances, gatherings etc.

Conference hall

Aesthetically designed air conditioned conference hall with a seating capacity of 50, adds colour to
the exquisite infra structure of our institution. The hall is equipped with audio visual and
presentation tools. Here we are conducting corporate meetings, staff meetings, industry
interactions, faculty workshops etc.


First aid facilities includes first aid room to provide assistance to students who are physically ill. The room is properly ventilated and furnished with a bed and attached bathroom.

First aid medicines includes antihistamines, analgesics, antidiarrheal, antiemetics, PPIs and medical devices (inhalers, Wound spray, BP apparatus and weighing balance.)


Nirmala College of Pharmacy has MOU with Nirmala Medical Centre, Muvattupuzha. Pharm D students utilizes the services of the hospital from second year onwards, followed by hospital posting and ward rounds in various departments.

From fourth year onwards students participate in ward rounds along with doctors. The Drug Information Centre in the hospital offers various services including patient medication counselling and information about drugs.

Apart from Nirmala Medical Center, students of fifth year Pharm D have the opportunity to utilize the services of CARITHAS hospital, Kottayam.

The pharmacy practice department in the hospital is well established with a library, two class rooms, staff room and HOD cabin. Students are provided with a unique ID and password to access the drug information software CLINIREX for assessing the cases and documentation.


Students are screened for health issues regularly and medical care is given to each student on yearly basis. The details are recorded in the medical chart and thereafter kept for further reference in the first aid room. The medical chart record details of students includes:

·         Student demographics

·         Allergic history

·         Past medications if any

·         Contact details

Healthcare team from St. George hospital, Vazhakulam involves in health screening services and dental care is provided in collaboration with Annoor dental college, Muvattupuzha for entire students. Those with abnormal findings are informed for further treatment. In emergency situations, on call doctor and ambulance services are provided, and the students will be shifted to Nirmala Medical centre for further management.

Examination Hall

Examination hall at NCP with a capacity of 120 students is spreed over the area of 150 sqm. The examination hall has adequate desk or writing benches arranged in such a manner that there is sufficient space between two students. the exam control room is equipped with computers, high speed printers ,fax machine, digital Video Recording system and mobile network jammer, internet facility and with sufficient space to store the answer booklets and other stationary 
the exam store room with space of 25sqm stores the answer scripts , question papers and relevant documents