The Research & Development Cell is advancing its research facilities to extend our service to industries and other research organizations in the areas:

Cyto-toxicity screening:

  • MTT assay
  • Apoptotic assay
  • Antimitotic activity
  • Antiangiogenic activity
  • Cell proliferation assay
  • RNA isolation and reverse transcription
  • Gene expression analysis (RT-PCR)


Anticancer studies (Invitro and invivo):

  • Invivo induction of cell line tumors.
  • Evaluation of tumors.

Animal studies [Pharmacological screening models]:

  • Anti-fertility.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antidiabetic.
  • Models for neuroprotective and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Laboratory examination and estimation of blood using Autoanalyzer (animals and human).
  • Anti- analgesic.
  • Anti- convulsion.
  • Muscle relaxant.
  • Psychological tastings.
  • Anti-microbial assay.
  • Anti-Ulcer
  • Wound healing activities
  • Ant- Burn models
  • Acute & Chronic Toxicity Studies.
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Heart/thoracic aorta and CNS toxicity
  • Reproductive and Developmental toxicities in rat/mice pups
  • Anti-anxiety and Anti-depressant.
  • Antidiuretics.
  • Anti-malarial.
  • Chemical bioassays.
  • Anti-mutagenic. (chromosomal abrasion)
  • Preclinical studies on various pharmacological animal models with data collection, integration and validation.
  • Biochemical tests
  • Invitro-tissue experiments
  • Psychopharmacological studies.
  • Biological Data Analysis.


Docking studies [by using softwares]

  • Chemsketch
  • PASS prediction
  • Molecular docking with PyRx


  • Phytochemical Screening and separation of phytochemicals by Column Chromatography.
  • Estimation of Phytochemicals.
  • Synthesis and identification of bioactive molecules.
  • Insilico docking studies on target proteins.
  • Drug design.
  • Analytical method development and validation of Pharmaceuticals by UV spectrophotometer and HPLC.
  • Characterization of organic molecules by IR Spectrophotometry.
  • Sample Analysis by FTIR.


  • Development of tablets:
    • Immediate release tablets.
    • Sustained and controlled release tablets.
    • Delayed release tablets.
  • Quality control test for granules and powders.
  • Preparation of Hard Gelatin capsules.
  • Development of coated tablets.
  • Development of pellets.
  • Development of semisolids and cosmetic preparations.
  • All Quality control test for capsules and tablets.
  • Microbial Assays.
  • Antibiotic sensitivity studies.
  • Leak test for ampoules, vials and other primary packing materials.
  • Development and evaluation of liquid dosage forms-syrup, suspensions and emulsions.
  • Accelerated stability studies for pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Drug -Excipients  compatibility studies.
  • Phase solubility studies.
  • Formulation development using computational methods- QbD, BOE(Design expert).
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Development of novel Drug Delivery systems-Liposomes, Neosomes , transferosomes.
  • Bioavailability studies in animal models.
  • Pharmacokinetic calculations using computational techniques.



  • Hot continuous extraction technique by soxhlet apparatus for crude extracts using various solvent systems.
  • TLC  method development for herbal substances, herbal Drugs , herbal formulations and ayurvedic formulations.
  • Standardization of herbal materials by Physical and Chemical methods like ash value, extractive values, loss on drying and Phytochemical Tests.
  • Analytical Evaluation of edible oils by acid value, saponification value ,ester value and iodine value.
  • Laboratory based extraction of powdered crude drug with organic solvents.
  • Phytochemical screening and TLC profile of crude drugs,extracts or fractionated extracts.
  • Powder Microscopy of crude drugs: image documentation.
  • Loss on drying,Ash values and Extractive values
  • Developing solvent system for HPTLC profiling
  • Standardisation of Indigenous formulations.