To excel in education and research in the field of industrial pharmacy and drug development.


     To nurture the graduates to transform into competent professionals to take up multidisciplinary tasks in pharma industry and research organisations.

     To provide quality services to the industry and the community by participating in educational and research programs.


Program Outcomes

  1.Pharmacy Knowledge: Possess knowledge and comprehension of the core and basic knowledge associated with the profession of pharmacy, including biomedical sciences; pharmaceutical            sciences; behavioural, social, and administrative pharmacy sciences; and manufacturing practices.

  2.Modern Tool Usage: Learn, select, and apply appropriate methods and procedures, resources, and modern pharmacy-related computing tools with an understanding of the limitations.

  3.Leadership Skills: Understand and consider the human reaction to change, motivation issues, leadership and team-building when planning changes required for fulfilment of practice,                  professional and societal responsibilities. Assume participatory roles as responsible citizens or leadership roles when appropriate to facilitate improvement in health and wellbeing.

  4.Communication: Communicate effectively with the pharmacy community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports, make effective                          presentations  and documentation, and give and receive clear instructions.

  5.The Pharmacist and Society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety and legal issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the                professional pharmacy practice.



1. Possess extensive knowledge in various domains of pharmacy practice through continuous learning and collaboration with other healthcare team members, which enable them to meet the challenges of society.

2. Adhere the highest standards of professionalism to achieve excellence in academic, industrial and research activities through interdisciplinary and collaborative programs.

3. Develop an expertise in formulation and production of conventional and novel drug delivery systems, cosmetic science, QC and QA, packaging material science, drug regulatory affairs etc.