Research and Development


Nirmala College of Pharmacy, Muvattupuzha has established the Research and Faculty Development Cell with the intention to uphold the research activities and the upliftment of overall scientific approach among the B.Pharm, M.Pharm & Pharm. D students and staff of the college.

Head of the committee: Dr.Preeja G. Pillai

Coordinator:  Dr Prasanth Francis, Dr Suja Abraham, Dr Fels Saju,  Ms Anusha Shaji


Responsibilities and Activities of the Committee:

1. The Research and Development Committee encourages faculty and students to pursue their research plans by submitting research proposal to
     various agencies and scientific laboratories.
2. To facilitate and upgrade the research activity in the College, the R & D cell continuously encourages the faculty to submit research proposals to
      various funding agencies like AICTE, DST, ICMR, CSIR, KSCSTE, DBT, ISPOR etc.
3. Support the staff to attend/publish papers in various National/International conferences.
4. R & D Cell coordinates the research activities among the various departments of the college.
5. Promote the faculty to attend research oriented Faculty development programmes in different institutions and provides the financial assistance for the
6. R & D Cell promotes the staff to publish their research works in reputed journals by providing the updated list of indexed journals and also the financial
7. Incentives for Publication of Articles:     
    The R & D Cell has initiated the Incentive program for faculty to uplift the publications and participation in scientific forums. The faculty can claim the 
      financial assistance for their  published articles in SCOPUS/ SCI.
8. Financial assistance for Conferences: 
     The financial assistance to attained or to present a paper in national and international Seminars/Conference/Workshop is also been initiated by
      R & D Cell.
9. The R & D Cell encourages multi-disciplinary research.
10. R & D Cell Support and inspire the faculty to register for Ph.D at quality Universities in India and abroad.
11. R & D Cell facilitates the knowledge and technology transfer through industry interactions, consultancy and external funding.
12. R & D Cell analyzes the student’s project proposals and sends them to various agencies for financial support.
13. Allocating the fund decided by the college for support of research and professional development.
14. Ensure timely and proper availability of requirements for research projects for proper functioning of research of undergraduate and master Projects.
15. Assuring the facilities for the output oriented research.
16. To insure the consistent involvement of the UG and PG student in some kind of research activities.
17. To insure the quality of research projects for B. Pharm, M. Pharm and Pharm. D in the college.
18. To insure the timely initiation and completion of research projects for B. Pharm, M. Pharm and Pharm. D in the college.
19. To insure the adherence of research guidelines in all research projects in the college.
20. Making plans and ensure their execution for promotion of paper and book publication.
21. Ensuring the proper conduction of committee meeting and recording minutes.
22. Assessment of research facilities in each department.
23. To ensure the functions of IAEC and Animal house.
24. To find the ground for funded epidemiological studies.
25. To generate the requirement to facilitate the research.
26. To establish a system to organize guest lectures from industry and clinical.
27. To establish a research advisory board to strengthen the industry linkage.
28. To scrutinize the planning and timely execution of ISPOR activities.
29. To initiate some outreach programme and also to seek fund from them for epidemiological studies.