Rules of Conduct


Nirmala Campus is proud of its eco-friendly serene and peaceful environment. Defacing any part of the campus is treated as an offence. Students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the college framed in accordance with the norms set by the government, the university and the authorities of the college.


Deeply committed to upholding value system, the college expects its students to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their dress, demeanour and sense of discipline. They must respect their teachers in or out of the college campus. They must rise when the teachers enters the class room; remain standing till they are directed to sit, or till the teacher takes his seat. When the attendance roll is called, each one must rise and answer to his/ her name or register number.

Students should be seated in their respective classrooms at the stroke of the bell. Action will be taken against students found loitering about in the corridors and making noise. Students are expected to make use of the library during free periods. Movements of students in the corridors of the college buildings during lecture hours or sitting on the steps of the staircases is not permitted.

Students should maintain a sense of decorum and discipline at all times, both inside and outside the campus. Those who are guilty of serious misconduct or whose presence is detrimental to the order and discipline on the campus are liable to be expelled. Code of conduct on the campus includes safeguarding the college property, keeping the place clean and tidy and following the prescribed dress code. Students should avoid wearing tight, transparent or revealing cloths. Sleevless clothes, round neck T-shirts, and T-shirts with slogans/ inscriptions are not allowed. Boys are expected to be in full pants and clean shirts. Low-waisted pants with several large pockets are not allowed. Girls are expected to dress modestly. They are not allowed to wear short salwar/kurta. Girls are expected to wear salwar and kameez with dupatta. Students are expected to wear their uniforms on all days except Wednesdays.


1. Students should be prompt and punctual.

2. They should be clean and decorous in dress, language and behaviour.

3. Students should keep with them text books and note books required for class they attend.

4. Ragging is prohibited by law. Students shall not indulge in any such activities.

5. No student shall enter or leave a class when a session is in progress without permission of the teacher.

6. Students are expected to wear their uniform and identity badges while in the campus.

7. They are advised to check the college notice board daily.

8. Political activity of any kind is banned in the campus.

9. Students shall prudently avoid bad company, which leads to failure in study, character and life.

10. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in campus and in the class rooms. Teachers can impound such mobile phones in case of violation.

11. No member shall throw any waste material on the ground or floor, but shall drop them in the waste baskets and bins provided for the purpose.

12. Separate common rooms and toilets are provided for ladies and gents. They are strongly directed to use only the rooms and toilets allotted for them separately. They can use the rooms allotted for them for taking meals. class rooms, varandas and stair cases should not be used for that purpose.

13.Strict disciplinary action will be taken aganist students bringing outsiders to the college campus without prior permission of the principal.

14. Students are forbidden to organise or attend any meeting in the college campus, circulate any notice or petition of anykind, display posters, banners or boards, use mega phones / loud speakers and paste or write anything in the college campus and premises without the permission of the Principal. No student, on any account, shall make chalk or pencil mark or drawing on walls, black board and furniture.

15. All students are bound to obey the rules, regulations and instructions given by the Principal and maintain the decorum of the institution.

16. Attendance is marked at the commencement of the class. Late-comers, therefore, though permitted to attend classes by the teacher concerned, will not be given attendance.

17. Every student must have the prescribed laboratory records, dissecting instruments etc.

18. Use of internet by the students in the campus is expected to be for their academic enrichment.

19. Attendance is inevitable on the occassions of co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. In case of absence, their parents should report the matter directly to the authorities concerned.


1. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the campus.

2. Smoking, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, Pan parag etc. are strictly prohibited in the college campus.

3. Perfect silence should be maintained in the college during class hours.

4. Students are warned aganist entertaining outsiders in the college premises during class hours.

5. No student is allowed to go outside the campus without the permission of the Principal during class hours.

6. Any damage done to college properties will be liable for compensation.