Young Innovators Programme

About YIP

Young Innovators Programme is a specially designed programme under Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC). The programme aims to empower future innovators to innovate new products, services or models to meet emerging requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs of the society more effectively through an innovative challenge.


Enhancing identified youth with design thinking, collaborative, creative problem solving and leadership skills

Empowering and building youth through immersive programmes to learn, Empathize, Accelerate and disrupt (LEAD)

Mentoring them and intensifying networking to build a product or develop a process for showcasing in the Young Innovators’ Challenge

Certifying promising innovations and attaching the young innovators to research institutions in related areas with scholarships for 1 year

Tracking these young innovators and linking them to institutions, industries, enterprises and prospective funding agencies

Build a strong pool of mentors to identify, assess and track innovations as well as provide young innovators the necessary academic. Domain specific as well as psycho-social support necessary through the process


The YIP 2019 Challenge will be open to all students, from every institution, across Kerala. Applicants can apply to be part of the YIP 2019 Challenge in one of the following two ways:


Institution-based Applications

With notifications and direct communications, K-DISC will invite institutions from all over Kerala to apply to be part of the YIP 2019 Challenge. There will be a minimum requirement these institutions will have to meet before they can register for the Challenge.

With the consent of their Heads, interested Institutions will have to register for the YIP 2019 Challenge with at least 2 Teachers or Faculty Members who would be the “FACILITATORS” of the Institution for YIP, if the institution is shortlisted. The institutions could also recommend mentors for the YIP Programme. Further, these institutes will identify and support groups of students to participate in the Challenge.


Eligibility Criteria

Since the Institutions are envisioned to play a crucial facilitating role in the YIP, K-DISC has stipulated a minimum Eligibility Criteria for Institutions:


a. Institute must be registered Institution recognized by the Govt of India, Govt of Kerala.

b. The Heads/Directors/Principals of these Institutions must consent to register for the program.

c. Institution must nominate at least 2 (TWO) Teachers or Faculty members to be the FACILITATORS for the entire duration of YIP 2019.

d. Institution may nominate mentors for the YIP programme

e. Institution must be able to identify, support and ensure the participation of at least a few students.


Screening & Selection Process

K-DISC will use the following Screening & Selection Criteria for prioritizing the final selected list of YIP 2019 Institutions:


a. NIRF Ranking during the last year – for Institutions of Higher Education

b. NAAC Grade during the last year – for Institutions of Higher Education

c. ARIIA Ranking of institutions on Innovation Achievements during the last year

d. Number of Studentsenrolled in regular programmes during the last year– for all kinds of Institutions

e. Previous Years’ Results – for different regular courses

f. No of requests originated for Mentor Registration till the time of application


Individual Applications

In cases where the individual is interested in being a part of the YIP 2019 Challenge, but is part of an institution which is not part of the Institutions screened and shortlisted for the Challenge, they may be allowed to register if they are able to obtain the consent of their Head/Principal and the Institute meets the eligibility criteria for the program.

Screening & Selection Process

K-DISC will find the most suitable candidates for the program through a rigorous Screening & Selection process. The selection process is designed with enough rigor to look at the quality and merit of ideas submitted by the applicants. The programme shall be built to check for inquisitiveness, spirit of enquiry, grit and passion which are important pre-requisites for the applicant’s progress and success through the program.

After final submission of their ideas on the digital platform, applicants will be individually and collectively contacted, and even observed closely during interactions, to understand the rationale for their choice of the problem, their rough approach for solving the problem and their passion for the cause.


YIP Report- 2021-2024


Ms. Nancy Jose


Prof.Dr. Badmanaban. R

Dr. Fels Saju

Dr. Manju Maria Mathews

Dr. Prasanth B


Nancy Jose,

Dr. Karthikeyan M

Dr. Prasanth Francis